how to cancel paypal subscriptions.

how to cancel paypal subscriptions

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PayPal Holdings, Inc. are the organization name which is headquartered in California, USA. It is operating globally and handles a business of providing an online payment system which in turn supports the online money transfers. It was introduced with the motive to reduce the usage of traditional paper methods like cheques and money orders. Currently, PayPal works as payment processing media for online vendors, e-commerce, etc. In case you are looking for a very quick resolution to your cancel Paypal subscriptions problem then you can call to our PayPal cancellation Number.

Cancel Paypal Subscriptions
Cancel Paypal Subscriptions

Cancel Paypal Subscriptions
How Can You Unsubscribe Or Cancel PayPal Subscriptions:
To get started, you should be signed in to your PayPal account.
Look for Profile button next to Log Out button on top right corner.
Click on the Profile button and a web page would open, please click on Account tab just below the main menu on top of the page.
Click on the link with description Close your Account
Enter the code sent on registered mobile number
Finally confirm the closure of account by clicking on button Close Account.
That’s it, you are done.
You will get an email confirmation of your PayPal account closure. Once PayPal account is closed it cannot be reopened.
In case you are unable to follow the steps then you can reach to our toll free number.

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