how do i cancel amazon prime subscriptions.

Amazon Prime is a membership subscription provided by Amazon to avail various benefits. Apart from additional discounts and priority shipping on the orders placed online, you get the access of the Amazon Prime Video library, Prime Day advantage and other benefits.
Cancel Amazon Prime Subscriptions
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Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

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Manage Your Amazon Prime Account:
Before we proceed to the detail how to unsubscribe or cancel an Amazon Prime Subscription, you need to know some noticeable points as below:

Firstly, you would love to know that there is a refund of your subscription amount if in case you have not availed the entitled benefits of the Amazon Prime Subscription during the period after the subscription payments and the day you decide to cancel the Amazon Prime Subscription.

Secondly, even after cancelling the Amazon Prime Subscription the benefits could be availed till the date for which you have already paid. You can control the auto payment to the Amazon Prime Subscription.

Thirdly, if you have not paid yet for Amazon Prime Subscription and are still in your 30-day free trial period, you will not have been charged to the account and therefore won’t be entitled to any refund.

Lastly, you should note that any other memberships you are having along with your Amazon Prime Subscription, such as Amazon Channels, it will not renew when you cancel Amazon Prime Subscription. Similarly, if you signed up for Amazon Prime Subscription through a company other than Amazon such as Sprint, Amazon advises that you should contact them directly to manage your Amazon Prime Subscription.

How can you unsubscribe or cancel an Amazon Prime Subscription:
To get started, you should be signed in to your Amazon account.
Look for Account & Lists and drag your mouse over it. A drop over will appear with a list of what all services are available under your Amazon account. One of the services listed would be Your Prime Membership.
Click on the Your Prime Membership and a web page would open, please scroll to the section entitled End Membership and Benefits on the left hand side of the page.
Click on the link with description End Membership and Benefits and proceed to the last step of the cancellation process to cancel an Amazon Prime Subscription.
On this page you would see a list of what all benefits you were availing during your Amazon Prime Subscription. Below the benefit list you would see the button “I Do Not Want My Benefits”. Click on it to proceed for confirmation of cancellation of your membership.
Amazon would prompt for confirmation twice in order to give a second thought to your action of cancelling the Amazon Prime Subscription.
Click on the “Continue to Cancel” and “Cancel Membership” buttons on the two subsequent screens that appear to cancel your Amazon Prime Subscription.
That’s it, you are done.

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